Head Coach: Ben Stark

Head Coach: Ben Stark

Ben Stark, an American Top Team Black Belt, has been training and fighting MMA, BJJ & Muay Thai since 2002.

Training and fighting in the dark ages of MMA, Ben amassed a record of 5 wins and 2 losses before getting on “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 11. After his short tenure on “TUF”, Ben took to coaching full time.

In 2012, Ben moved to Bangkok Thailand where he was the head coach of the Executive Martial Arts Center (EMAC). While at EMAC, he spearheaded building BKK’s first professional and amateur MMA team. He coached some of Thailand’s brightest upcoming talents and put together a very successful competition BJJ team, all while working to evolve both sports in Thailand.

While there Ben became the voice of DARE Fight Sports and later broke off with Jon Nutt to help start Full Metal Dojo (Thailand’s #1 MMA organization).

After leaving BKK, Ben went back to the US and moved out to Colorado to work alongside coaching legend Marc Fiore at Altitude MMA. Once finished in Colorado, Ben took his talents to Frankfurt, Germany. 

In Germany, he coached at MMA Spirit alongside Belgian Muay Thai Champ Mohammed Ouali to help with their very successful MMA team, as well as lending his knowledge to their budding Grappling/BJJ students.

Now back in America, Prof. Ben teamed up with Coach David Zitnick to bring about Palm Beach Garden’s most elite training center: American Top Team Palm Beach Gardens!

Wrestling Coach: Tim “Bone” Moynihan

Wrestling Coach: Tim “Bone” Moynihan

Tim began wrestling at the age of 7. As a young wrestler, he was awarded state and national recognition. In high school, he was an East West All-Star wrestler from Cleveland, Ohio.

Following high school, Tim joined the Army and became a U.S. Army Ranger. During this time in service, he was part of Operation Gothic Serpent in Mogadishu, Somalia. Here he saw combat in a battle immortalized by the movie Blackhawk Down and became known as a “Blackhawk Down survivor". Following his return home, Tim was awarded a Purple Heart and an Army Commendation medal with “V” device for Valor.

Since the year 2000, Tim has coached at Jupiter Christian, William T. Dwyer and Jupiter High Schools.
During this time, he also worked and cornered as a wrestling coach in the mixed martial arts world. He represented The Armory and Valor Martial Arts at the highest level in shows that included the UFC and WEC. It was at this time that Tim was given the nickname “Bone” by UFC fighter Kurt Pellegrino.

In addition, he is also a licensed MMA judge and referee by the WFO.

Bone brings years of experience and a passion for the sport of wrestling to our team.

Close Quarters Combatives Coach: Scott Duquette

Close Quarters Combatives Coach: Scott Duquette

Scott Duquette is a highly-regarded law enforcement professional and personal defense instructor with an authoritative proficiency in a true blend of multiple martial arts. Over the past 22 years, Scott has trained a wide variety of individuals: from sworn military and police personnel to civilians, beginners to experts, in an equally wide range of subjects from personal defense to special operations.

With over 4700 hours of documented specialized training and over two decades of experience as a Defensive Tactics practitioner and instructor, Scott has managed to design courses that are challenging, rewarding, and most important of all, vital to successfully maintaining your physical well-being in the face of an imminent confrontation, whether it be an armed or unarmed encounter.

Scott’s Close Quarter Combative Class will now be offered at American Top Team’s Palm Beach Gardens facility. During these classes, you will learn effective techniques that will enhance your ability to succeed in the event of an imminent confrontation. He is also available for one-on-one training sessions in a wide variety of physical and combat related topics.